Viale Europa, 22

25036 Palazzolo sull'Oglio (BS)


Tel. +39 0307403064

Esse Emme Srl Unipersonale - Viale Europa, 22 - 25036 Palazzolo Sull'oglio (BS) C.F. e P. IVA 03492930981

Iscrizione Registro delle imprese di Brescia REA BS538829




A new company in which its founder Bruno Gozzini has put his long and established experience in the field of clothing, leather goods and beachwear accessories at the service.


Rhinestones and stones, in crystal and in high quality acrylic material, have always been the basic components of our products, intended for a vast clientele producing costume jewelery, clothing accessories, gift items and favors.


Our vast and heterogeneous assortment, combined with a continuous search for novelties, attention to service and of course price competitiveness are just some of the reasons why our company is increasingly appreciated on the market.


Customer satisfaction is a priority of the company policy so quality control is extremely strict and guaranteed.


The quality control department checks the quality with sample tests before shipment as well as sample checks of the products are carried out during production.


Our customer is  medium-large sized companies that produce fashion accessories; in addition to various regions of Italy, the reference market also covers EU countries, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.